Static Line Courses

Static Line Courses

Fly and land your own parachute, SOLO 

Static Line courses should be considered if you want to experience a solo adrenaline rush and fly your own parachute from your very first jump. It’s an exciting step towards becoming a fully qualified skydiver. Courses run on the first Saturday of a month from February through to November. 

Whats involved?

Before you can get your knees in the breeze and jump, you'll need to take part in an intensive day of ground-training with a BPA qualified instructor. Ground training usually requires a minimum of 6 hours instruction and lasts a full day, allowing for Coffee, tea and lunch breaks. Your first parachute jump will be from 3,500 feet and the intention is that the parachute will deploy as you fall away from the aircraft using a device called a ‘static line’. You will then fly and steer your parachute to the landing area. 

You will receive a minimum of 6 hours training, which will consist of both classroom and physical practice sessions covering:

  • Drop zone orientation
  • Documentation requirement and checks
  • How your parachute equipment works and how to check and fit it
  • The correct parachuting body position to make a stable solo exit
  • Aircraft and exiting techniques and aircraft emergency drills
  • Parachute canopy control and flight drills
  • How to deal with any unforeseen situations or emergencies
  • Abnormal and regular landing techniques
  • A knowledge review test

How much does the static line training course cost?

The Static Line Solo Course fee is £250, which includes:

  • British Parachute Membership Fee
  • Parachute equipment hire
  • Jump suit loan
  • A Days Ground Schooling
  • 1st solo parachute jump

Progression after your first jump

After completing your first static line jump you can develop your parachuting skills by following a training system called the ‘progression system’, which progresses you towards your first solo freefall, and ultimately bringing you one step closer to being a fully qualified solo skydiver. The progression system can be completed in around 18 or so jumps. 

Progression jumps (after first jump) £44

Progression jumps (block of 10) £330

Weight restrictions and limitations

The weight limit is 14 stone and the parachute school strictly apply the guidelines set out on BPA Form 114a with regard to a maximum weight for a given height.

All parachutist students must complete a F114a Declaration of Fitness to Parachute and those 40 or above must get this form signed by their GP.

The minimum age is 16, anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent form signed. Max age is (55) but will be assessed by the Chief Instructor. 

Please note that membership to the BPA is compulsory wherever you skydive in the UK.

We only allow parachute descents to be made when the weather conditions are safe and within the British Parachute Association's operating procedure minimums. 


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