Film Your Jump

Our team of professional and experienced Freefall and Handycam photographers are on hand each weekend to ensure your experience is truly unforgettable. The film & photographs are then handed to our in-house proffesional video editor who will then turn your experience into an amazing visual trophy for you to keep forever! Usually you'll receive your video within 60 minutes of your feet hitting the ground!

You can even upload your video to your social media site or Youtube. Your post is bound to be bombarded with "Like"s. Your Facebook friends will be blown away, leaving an endless trail of comments. Without the film you'll miss out on the impact you'll have at your next party, family gathering etc. The jump will also be captured for all time, even future significant others or children will be able to watch your exploits. There will be no: "I should have..." "I wish I had..."

relive the flight from only £99

Watch the reaction of your family & friends when you show them someone hurtling out of a perfectly good aeroplane at jaw dropping speeds (120 miles per hour), and they realise it's you! You'll notice the room heat up with the buzz about your skydive. It's absolutely entertaining to see everyone react with amazement and their eyes will be glued to the screen as they watch your jump unfold. 

      Don't live with regret by not recording your first skydive, it's the best experience on the planet and you will never have the same feeling again.

The ultimate camera deal; the only way to capture every element of your amazing experience.  Getting the best and most of your incredible experience. The finished film and stills will be sent out to you by email, or you can wait to have it handed to you on a USB stick. Fully Edited Video and 50 + Stills

Have you ever wondered what it's like to film a skydive?

Watch our camera-flyer film a camera-flyer.