Yes it's awesome, no you can't fly the plane and many more questions answered ...

There are a lot of questions associated with skydiving that you may be eager to learn the answer to. We've tried to include everything we can below but if you need to ask us anything else then we're happy to answer.

How can we get in contact with you?

Whilst we love jumping out of planes, we try our best to make sure you can always get in contact with us. During the week, our office hours are 9 am to 5:30 pm, so please don't hesitate to call us on 01325 337929. On operational days are every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and we update our Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms regularily. So, if you send us a message on any of them we will do our best to answer as soon as possible. If you've enjoyed your experience with us, please leave a review on Trip Advisor, here. 

Where can I jump?

You have the option to jump at Durham Airfield (Post Code DH6 2NH), just 9 miles from Durham City Centre, and just off the A19. Your ride to jump altitude will take you over the stunning Durham Heritage Coast.

Alternatively, if you are based in Manchester, you might prefer to jump at Lancaster Airfield (Post Code LA2 0DY). You'll have breathtaking views of the west coast. 

What do I need to bring with me?

Please wear comfortable clothes; you should not wear any shoes with heals, hooks or buckles. Trainers are ideal. It can get a little cold at jump altitude so we also recommend bringing gloves with you. 

You;ll be given a jumpsuit, goggles and leather hat to wear during your jump. 

Please have a read through BPA medical form 115A, below. If you are fit and heathly you can self declare that you are fit and healthy, however, if you suffer from any medical conditions please download and print BPA form F115B and have your doctor sign and stamp it. 

«CLICK HERE » to download the F115A form.

«CLICK HERE » to download the F11B form.  

What time do I need to arrive and what happens on the day?

When you call us to book, you will be given an arrival time. Please note, the arrival time is not the time of your jump - you are booked as part of a session and will receive your training as a group. Therefore there is no need to arrive before the scheduled time. Your actual jump time will depend on the weather conditions on the day.  

When you arrive, your Tandem Instructor will give you a thorough training brief in preparation for your skydive. You'll then be kitted up and safety checked before being escorted to the aircraft. After take-off, it is only about 20 minutes before you'll reach jump altitude, however, it is a lot faster on the way down! 

Are there any limitations on who can do it?

Your introduction to skydiving will be with a highly experience instructor, and as a result, we can cater to almost anyone. However, there are the following weight, age and health limitations to consider:


The weight limit at most parachute centres is 15 stone fully clothed (95.2 KG) and you must also be relatively fit and healthy. Please note that your weight needs to be in proportion to height and conditins need to be suitable on the day of the jump, which may lead to delays on the day. If you are slightly heavier than the weight limit, you will need to contact the Cheif Instructor at the parachute centre for an assessment. 

Age and medicial limitations

It is important that any person undertaking a skydive is fit to do so. Skydive St George is required to have a Declaration of Fitness for every person who jumps with us, in line with the requirements of the British Parachute Association.

If you are lucky enough to be fit and healthy, and have not suffered from any of the medical conditions listed below, you can self declare yourself as fit to jump using BPA Form 115A – Student Tandem Parachute Declaration Form.

<<Click Here To Download BPA Form 115A>>

Having read BPA Form 115A, if you have doubts about your fitness to do a tandem jump, please print BPA Form (115B) below, and take it to your doctor for advice. Please note that The National Health Service does not provide this advice and you may be charged for it. You may also have to pay for any additional tests or referrals needed to clarify your risk.

<<Click Here To Download BPA Form 115B>>

 Specific medical conditions

If you have had any of the below conditions, you must have your declaration certified by a doctor using BPA Form 115B:

Epilepsy, fits, severe head injury, recurrent blackouts or giddiness, disease of the brain or nervous system, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, recurrent weakness or dislocation of any limb, diabetes, mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction.

If you have ever suffered from any of the below conditions, please consult a doctor before declaring yourself fit to parachute.

Previous fractures, back strain, arthritis and severe joint sprains; Chronic bronchitis; Asthma; Rheumatic fever; Pneumothorax; Liver or kidney disease; Anaemia; Thyroid, adrenal or other glandular disorder; Chronic ear or sinus disease; Any condition requiring regular use of drugs; Regular or recent blood donation.

If you wear spectacles, they should be securely attached when parachuting and protective goggles, which we will supply free of charge, should be worn.

Please note: you cannot jump if you are pregnant.

What if the weather is bad?

Skydiving is a weather dependent sport and we cannot guarantee that conditions will be suitable for parachuting every day; we will only skydive when it is safe to do so.  On some occasions rain, heavy low cloud or strong winds can prohibit jumping. If you are unable to skydive then we will be happy to re-arrange your experience for a convenient date that is available. You have a full 12 months from your first booking to do your jump at no additional cost. After 12 months, you can extend your booking for a further 3 months for £30. This is for your insurance, admin and training. If the weather is marginal, please be prepared to spend the entire day with us while we wait for the blue skies. We will keep you updated on the weather conditions, but if you are not at the centre, you cannot not jump.

If your jump is postponed due to weather or any additional factors which are out of our control, we will reschedule your jump for a mutually convenient date at no extra charge. However, if you have recieved training, your training remains valid for 3 months, so please book back in within a 3 month period. 

We cannot offer any refunds for deposits or if paid in full for tandem skydives.

If you cancel on the day or do not turn up, your deposit is non-refundable and you will incur a £50 fee to reschedule.

Can friends and family come to watch?

Absolutely!  We encourage you to share this experience with your loved ones. There is a lovely view across the airfield and there is an onsite cafe, which serves home cooked food and hot and cold drinks throughout the day.  However, as skydiving is a weather dependent sport, please let your friends and family members know that they may have to wait a few hours to see you jump if the weather is marginal. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times and dogs are welcome as long as they are kept on a lead and are not taken into any of the buildings. 

Can I have photos of my jump?

You can have your jump filmed by either the handycam, worn by your Tandem Instructor or by booking a camera flyer. You can book this on the day of your jump. 

Once filming is booked and paid for, there are no refunds for cancellations.

For safety purposes, it is a BPA regulation that cameras cannot be worn by students or anyone with less than 200 jumps. 

What should I wear?

You should wear secure trainers and comfortable clothing, please dress appropriately for the weather on the day, and remember it will be somewhat colder at jump altitude so please bring gloves with you. We will provide you with the necessary equipment for your jump, including jumpsuits, goggles, and headgear. Please do not wear any shoes with buckles, hooks or heals.

When are you open?

The parachute centres operates on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, weather permitting.  During the week, our office is open from 9 am until 5:30 pm. To book a skydive with us, simply call our office on 01325 337929 and a member or our team will help you. The telephone lines are open seven days a week from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm. 

Can I bring my dog?

You are more than welcome to bring your dogs with you but they are not permitted inside the building and must be kept on a lead at all times. 

Can I re-book/cancel my skydive?

On booking, you will be asked to place a £55 non-refundable deposit to secure your place. If the weather prevents you from jumping, we will re-book your skydive free of charge. However, if you decide to re-book for other reasons and do not give us 7 days’ notice, you will be charged a re-book fee. If you cancel or do not turn up on the day without prior notice, you will forfeit your deposit and will need to make a completely new booking. If you’ve paid in full for your skydive, the rebook fee for cancelling or not turning up on the day is £50. Deposits and payments are completely non-refundable for tandem skydives and camera filming. If you have paid a deposit and find you cannot jump due to a medical condition, you can transfer your booking to a friend or family member free of charge as long as you have not received your training. Your skydive is valid for 12 months from the date of your first booking.

If you need any help or assistance please call our skydiving team on 01325 337929

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