"I'm Sorry, You Can't Skydive Today, It Isn't Safe"

Posted on Monday, 13th February 2017

Why You Have to Wait...

With safety first, sometimes you have to wait. But why? Your stomach is in a knot, you have butterflies every time you think about your forthcoming jump.

I'm Sorry You're Too Old To Skydive!

Posted on Tuesday, 6th December 2016

I mean, you’re obviously not too old from a legal or physical point of view, I’m just sorry you think you’re too old.

Skydiving Is Good For Your Body and Soul!

Posted on Friday, 11th November 2016



Follow Your Dreams - Carpe Diem

Posted on Thursday, 20th October 2016

I was in a job that was no longer fulfilling. I used to love it, but there had been so many changes, I felt it had lost its appeal. But what do I do instead?

Is Skydiving Safe?

Posted on Tuesday, 19th July 2016

Jumping out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft brings natural feelings of fear and apprehension.

The Beer Fine Rules

Posted on Thursday, 11th February 2016

After a good day in the sky beer is deserved, after a hard landing beer is required.

Ever wondered what counts as a beer fine?

US film of parachuting beavers found after 65 years (it's OK, they survived)

Posted on Sunday, 1st November 2015

More than half a century after a group of beavers were parachuted into the 

Vulcan Bomber Farewell Fly-By at Durham Tees Valley

Posted on Saturday, 10th October 2015

Today at Skydive St George we witnessed the farewell flight of Vulcan Bomber XH558 as it screamed directly over the top of the Old Armoury Cafe. Thousands of spectators turned up to bear witness to

14 Things You Should Know Before You Go Skydiving For The First Time

Posted on Wednesday, 17th June 2015

As explained by someone who is terrified by heights but survived — and even loved!

Learning to Jump

Posted on Saturday, 14th March 2015

So you want to be a Skydiver?

Below is a piece that was not originally ours – but we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.  It is riddled with knowledge so we felt obligated to pass i